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Cab Driver Didn't Deserve That

This is horrible and I pray for a speedy recovery for that young man. God bless him!I place some of the blame on the Marine Corp itself for not recognizing mental issues or promoting these guys getting help after they have been in war. They go through some rough crap over there, come back home and are expected to go right back to a normal civilian lifestyle. It just isn't possible and the Corp says, " You are a Marine, you can handle it." Well, they can't all handle it. That's just a fact. They create these killing machines and expect them to switch it on and off like a light switch. Some of them just snap, there is no good time, good place or good person for it to happen to but it does happen. It is obvious that he did something horrible but it is also obvious that he has been through something himself. I pray for that Marine also because he has been there to protect my family and all of you too.


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