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Burn Him

This "Gunny" should go to prison for what he did! This is not PTSD, this is a drunk bully! The idiot went to the "wizard" because he knew his **** was grass. As a Marine I am appalled! I cannot believe that the Marine Corps promotes these clowns. He'll probably end up as a Sergeant Major too. Way to go "Gunny"! Civilians, please do not think for one moment that all of us are like this (contrary to the comments made by other **** hat Marines defending "Gunny" **** Suck). There are but a few of us that still believe that our purpose is to serve and protect you. Unfortunately, most of us are getting out because of the travesty our Corps has become. For all of you idiot Marines defending "Gunny" Screw Bag, what if the man that was assaulted was your father or brother? A false defense of PTSD wouldn't matter then would it? Fry the "Gunny"!


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