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Which Branch

were you in?

I want to make certain I understand your post.

You stated you saw more than 6 of your friends die. Is that correct?

I spent two tours over there. First wearing a Butter Bar and then as a Captain. Forty years later, I know exactly how many of my troops did not come back; I know their names and backgrounds; and there are days when I still wonder what I might have done differently that could have prevented one of the deaths.

You state you saw one of your friends killed by a tiger. Did you make any effort to save him? Anyone in country should have been qualified with a weapon and able to take a tiger out with a 16. If you couldn't do that, did you pull your bayonet and stab the tiger? It's hard for me to imagine anyone on patrol who would stand idley by while a fellow troop becomes a tiger's breakfast. Now if you bother to check, you would know tigers typically carry their prey from the site of attack to a more secluded location.

Sorry, but it is virtually impossible to believe you saw action in Southeast Asia.

Anytime you'd care to prove me wrong in person, let me know. Perhaps we can have an event @ the waterfront park and raise some funds for the injured young man. I still have my Mameluke and 45. So come prepared.

Hope you prove me wrong. Based on your tiger statement, you're either a fabricator of false statements or a coward. Which is it?


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