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The real problem

The real problem here is right under our noses. We are so reliant on media and celebrities to tell us what is good, right, normal. People constantly tearing each other down to cover up their own insecurities. Everyone looking for ways to pass blame, always pointing the finger away from themselves. Maybe we are all to blame...for losing touch of what really matters. We don't now, and probably never will, know exactly what happened that night. It's not our place to judge these people. All of you have posted your opinions about what is right in this case. But I wonder if any of you considered what the loved ones of these two men will feel when they read this. To see that instead of a community pulling together and standing by each other in the wake of this tragedy; they see hate, and blame, and grief. As both a friend to Mr. Bowen and the wife of a Marine (who I am very proud of), I am horrified to see people turning on each other this way. These posts, and blogs, and tweets, and status updates have become a substitution for spending REAL time with loved ones...and yet we wonder how we became so disconnected. Ironic, if you ask me. Passing blame on any one person for these kinds of actions is ludacris. This is the world those men grew up in. Same as you and me. We all helped build it, in one way or another. And we all are to blame for what it has become. We can still change that, though. All you have to do is choose to be good...and it IS a choice. No one is born evil. "Spread love, not hate." And if I sound like a hippie, so what? Whether I am or not, I see no flaw in that idea.


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