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Regular or not, there are

Regular or not, there are rules and procedures to be followed.

Especially when dealing with drunks who happen to be marines.

The victim here is not to blame but he made some poor decisions that lead to this situation.

1.) Never have a drunk in the front seat, no matter how 'buddy buddy' you are.

2.) If he says don't get another customer, especially if he called you, don't. Just don't.

3.) If you do not comply and he wants to get out, let him get out. No amount of money is worth confrontation especially if you have another customer waiting in the wings.

4.) Do not escalate. Touching an angry drunk, especially a marine who may or may not be facing PTSD, is a poor decision.

We are told to drive defensively. That we can only control our own actions and not others. Is it really that absurd to suggest we deal with people the same way?

The driver shouldn't have gotten his butt beaten but even as we watch the video, if we look past the emotional high, you'll see he didn't exactly help his own situation.


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