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Phew. I'm glad you were

Phew. I'm glad you were there. Clearly we can wrap this all up.

Oh, wait, you weren't. You're just another face in the angry mob of distant observers looking for a reason to get angry and throw tomatoes.

What Adam did was shameful, make no mistake, but to assume PTSD was not at the heart of the issue is ignorant at best. Did you follow this man through his career? He was a good soldier from my understanding and even won a bronze star if I've read right. But take a soldier from what he knows and put him in an unfamiliar environment does things.

Or else we wouldn't have so many groups and movements to aid veterans, now would we? Apparently a lot of them have issues. I don't know. I've never been shot at and I've never shot anyone but just thinking about it makes me feel anywhere from uncomfortable all the way to sick in my stomach. This man and those like him have killed MANY people, have lost friends, have been shot at many times and even a soldier, with all his training, will not come out unscathed.

I was hit by a car once. Just once. And I still suffer my own sort of PTSD. We all do to varying extent. So I would caution against suggesting that PTSD was not at the heart of it.


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