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But what about the people above the SEAL...

Mr. Panetta? This is a political witch hunt because the book embarrasses the administration due to their own leaks and as the SEAL referred to it: a laughable "Hollywood" account of the raid. That and describing Biden's lame jokes and buffoonish behavior in front of the SEAL team.

If the administration can oooz information about this raid, this guy should be able to as well. They were at the White House eating pizza while this guy hunting down the most wanted man on planet Earth. The Teleprompter-in-Chief was community organizing while this SEAL was serving on 13 consecutive combat deployments.

The night of the raid, within an hour of Obama's speech, I heard a NBC reporter state that it was Navy SEALs who conducted the raid. A little later, specific references to DevGru were made. A couple of days later, I knew from television that DevGru's Red Squadron conducted the raid. That's about 50 guys. The leaks from above this guy narrowed this down to a dangerous level. The damage was done before these guys were back on US soil. Fox recently reported that one of the DevGru Gold Squadron SEALs, who was killed when his helicopter was shot down last year, called his mother after the raid and asked her to remove all references to him on her Facebook page because he felt all associated with DevGru were in danger. I read this book last week and was surprised at how much of it I already knew due to just television. His specific thoughts and emotions were all new of course but if this guy gets into trouble, a whole lot of people need to follow.

Punish a genuine hero if you must. Let's see how that works out for the Democratic party at the ballot box over the next few election cycles.


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