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Good Book

I served 30 years in the USAF, 23 in Special Operations and in those years worked with many special operators from the Special Forces, Rangers and Seal Teams. I also read this book in two days after it hit the store shelves. The author clearly states that the manuscript was reviewed by lawyers to insure that no classified information was revealed. Having had a TS clearance myself, I didn't see anything that could be construed as classified.

I think that the main reason this Seal wrote the book was to set the record straight about how things really went the night Bin Laden was killed. One of the things that the government (Obama) told us and would have us believe that OBL was armed and posed an immediate threat to the assaulters. According to the book, this is not really the case. Imagine that! It wouldn't be the first time politicians of any stripe lied and made their own political points off the backs of military guys such as those in Seal 6.

In the end he exposed the fact that the American people were lied to on some level about the events the night OBL was killed. What!! The government lying to us, say it isn't so! So now, Panetta and others have their panties in a wad because they are embarrassed and in my view for no other reason. It's been said for the past few days that the pentagon is 'reviewing' the book to see if there is any classified information that has been revealed. Oh please!! I read the book in two days. How long does it take for the legal weenies to do the same? Plus, with all the pre-release press this book received, I have no doubt that someone with some authority under the guise of 'national security' had access to that manuscript and if there was one shread of classified information in it it's publication and release would have been stopped immediately.

On the other hand, the author did sign a non-disclousure agreement before he left the military. I signed one when I retired and they are fairly comprehensive. While he apparently didn't disclose anything that was classified it could be said that he shouldn't have written about their tactics and possibly other sensitive information. If he faces any charges or punishment it will be more about embarrassing the president and other top officials than disclosing information that is pretty much available through other sources.


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