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you might want to check your facts.

The Wilmington Regional Film Commission is a local, non-profit.

The breakfast meeting was for local business owners who would be asked to become advertising members.

This is no statewide meeting.

You're missing my point.

Why was the CC not considered?

As you said -- size of attendance? Then does that mean the CC is not suited for any meeting of that size?

If not, what is it suited for?

The city is hemorraging money maintaining white elephants. And the Baseball proponents would add an even larger one.

You yourself provided a link which shows some pretty gloomy numbers. And they're not getting better.

So what is your solution?

Frankly, we're raising questions which should have been asked in 2009 or 2010. These are the same type of questions which should have been asked months ago concerning the over priced, river front albatross they would have the city build.

Let's see. It was reported construction costs for the white elephant were $60 million. The albatross is looking at $37 Million.

What do you think VOG. It would seem to me they should get the one already grazing at least to a break even point before they throw the albatross around property taxpayers necks.

We have bigger issues to address than how long the City will continue to pour millions down this drain.


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