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I disagree with this line of

I disagree with this line of thinking.

I agree that some servicemen have problems adjusting from combat zones but in this case, what we saw was a garden variety bully who was full of liquor and nearly beat a cab driver to death. As others have noted, I too am rapidly tiring of this lame 'untouchable status' our society has bestowed upon service members, one can only assume as some sort of gigantic overcompensation for our having been too far in the other direction after Vietnam.

Thanks for your service, but nobody gets free passes on stuff like this.

Some people see this as the actions of a Marine.
I see this as the actions of a thug named John who has no business being a Marine. If there's any integrity in the Marine Corps (unlike what we see in local podunk police departments when officers get caught misbehaving and its covered up by their fellow mouthbreathers) this man should be discharged for dishonoring the uniform.


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