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You and all your friends are garbage

Look dude, the marine corps is filled with Snco's who think they can do whatever they want. They feel as though the world owes them and that the law does not apply to them. I come across this every day that I put on my monkey suit and serve under you ignorant, lazy turds. It blows my mind. You graduate high school and 20 years in the corps later you still have the mind of an 18 year old. High school zero = Marine Corps hero. Snco's are socially awkward because they can't function in society. They can't comprehend the fact the they have no authority over civilians. I'm not gonna get into a spill about how the USMC really is, so I'll just sum it all up. America this is exactly how every Marine is. The way he talked to that cabbie is an every day occurrence in the disorganization known as the USMC. All the propaganda that the USMC puts out with its movies and books is fake. Go to and read about first hand experiences. These are real stories of your beloved corps. And as for you retired a** holes, you're retired and yet you can't move on past the corps. You probably have a job on some base because you can't function around normal people


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