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This has been taking to the extreme in the media, and internet

Let me just say what happen to Mr. Hawkesworth was terrible and Mr. Kinosh was wrong in every way possible. I have had a place at Surf City since 1993 it has always been a quiet place and have loved having a place down there and have spent every summer at the beach. I have followed this story since it has happened, seen most of the comments the facebook post and it saddens me to see some of the comments. Who are we to sit in judgement of anyone we dont have holes in our hands. Mr. Hawkesworth did not deserve to get beat up but I also do not know this Mr. Kinosh I do not know what he has seen or been through. I do know this I lost a son last year in afhgan and my other son was there and called to his side an is just now getting help for PTSD everyone goes through things differently handles things differently. This marine was prosecuted before he has even went to court. We dont know why he admitted hisself into a mental facility maybe his commanding officer made him, maybe he snapped in his right mind and realized what he done we dont know. We dont know why he ran from the reporter maybe his lawyer told him to maybe his commanding officer told him too we dont know. Maybe its because he's a Marine that this story has made it so big folks get beat up everyday to the week.Yes he is suppose to protect our country and the people in it not attack us, he made a mistake a bad one but for 14 years he protected us I dont beleive their is all bad to this Marine. Everyone makes bad errors and mistakes some worse then others a wrong is a wrong no matter how big or small. Maybe the media and everyone else needs to wait and see what happens before passing judgement on the internet. I pray that the marine gets the help he needs and Mr. Hawkesworth continues to heal the community really came together for him by raising over 23,000 dollars for him


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