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Sir, sorry about your loss.

Sir, sorry about your loss. The fact that this person is supposed to represent honor, disapline, respect, devotion to duty. I don't care if there is PTSD, self control! Adding alcohol to a mental mess because of the work hard play hard mentality is unacceptable. Police are held to a high standard, if a Police did this in uniform or not in uniform, everyone would want his badge and to be locked up as I would. Alcohol causes a person to lose inhibitions and the real nature of an individual comes out. Violance is his nature and that was surely displayed. The fact that a camara caught everything is what has gotten a few of you upset. If there was no camara this would most likely have a different spin. One where the cab driver tried to rob him and the poor Marine was defending himself, and you sir would most likely be ranting how this hero that served his country was taken advantage of and robbed by this shady cab driver. I say shame on you sir and your ability to twist the truth. He has brought great shame to the uniform this is why the news plays on this. Oh and by the way he is not the only Marine that has been in physical altercations a lot do this the only difference is this was caught on camera. The rest is "my word against his word" type deal. Also remember the woman that was killed and burned in a shallow grave, and that Marine tried to escape, please try to defend that!


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