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The 3 AM phone call

President Obama showed his weakness from the start of yesterday's events by offering an apology initially. Obama's Jimmy Carter moment has arrived and he should expect to receive the 3 AM phone call during the last three months of his presidency when Israel takes proactive measures to protect the Jewish State.Obama is pro-Arab sympathizer , who has contibuted to the fruition of the Arab spring and seeing the Muslim Brotherhood as a benevolent influence. Obama shows his immaturity and disdain for Israel by not meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu because the Prime Minister does not play the diplomatic game and does not mince words. This tough talk makes the political rock star uneasy because he has never been around real leadership. The Iranian war machine and influence is reverberating throughout the Middle East and the Narcissist In Chief is too busy campaigning to save his failed presidency. Leadership or the lack of will be apparent by the actions of this weak kneed President in the coming weeks. Obama sees these events as an inconvenience to his re-election bid and will look to appease all parties until after the election. History does not play out according to Obama's timeline.


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