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Few questions for the imam

"The religion is always before the culture not the culture before the religion," said Abolullah, an imam at the Islamic Center in Wilmington.
Does that mean their religious laws (shariah) come before the US Constitution? And if the is the case how could muslims be good citizens if they want their own laws?
Also if their religion comes before the culture, does that mean they are going to enforce their religious beliefs, that are enforced in many parts of the muslim world like, women are inferior to men, female genital mutilation, killing of gays, burning of churches and synagogues, killing those that chose to practice other religions
"In Islam honor is the power of our faith," said Abolullah. "If you insult one of our prophets or one of the prophets from Adam: the Prophet Mohammed, if you insult one of them in the power of faith you are not going to enter paradise."
If that is the case, does one of those prophets the imam is referring to could be Jesus, or Moses, then why in the name of their religion don’t they demonstrate when muslims burn the houses of those prophets i.e. synagogues and churches. why are they not only insulting, persecuting and murdering those followers of the other prophets?
I am afraid I, and the imam know the answer.


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