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This is undoubtedly the most dumbest city I have ever lived in (in my entire life) and undoubtedly, having the most unqualified city council members in office since Columbus discovered these shores. We moved here nearly 30 years ago for my work, and leaving for good in 4 months!!!
Our property values fall...and fail, our property taxes go "UP-UP" to compensate our leaders stupidity, since they CANNOT balance the budget (AT ALL)...and furthermore, we drive on terrible road conditions equivalent to that time when Columbus arrived. There are no priorities in this city that have any sense at all, since Saffo and Company took over.
Sewer lines (and roads) are rupturing weekly...they can't find a damn hotel builder for the failing convention "off" center (wonder why)...and what does council do? They dream up and want another play thing "approved" before they are ousted from office soon enough.
It's a joke to read the news anymore, with government programs being cut for the needy, and the very next story you read is about these bubble heads picking our pockets for personal pleasures.
Wilmington will never be a Myrtle Beach/Virginia Beach, or an Atlantic City, it simply will not. It's demise is unfolding before everyone's eyes daily and you cannot say that you don't know it and see it coming.
Good Luck...keep these people in office for another term, and listen out for the tumble weeds to roll down Main Street in the years to come.


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