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Lol, What?

Number One, they aren't tearing down any bars. Where do you people come up with this stuff? This is going way the heck up at the north end of downtown, where Almont Shipping used to be. There are not and have never been any bars there, just mountains of toxic chemicals. But, hey, if you want to let your kids play in a toxic dump, well, that's all on you. Maybe they can hand out hazmat suits at the park.

Two, they have already said, dozens of times, that this will create 25 FULL TIME JOBS. 350 part time, seasonal jobs (translation: summer jobs for college kids). I don't know what you - or the council - think is going to suddenly spring up down there. Disneyland? Downtown Wilmington IS NOT FAMILY ORIENTED. That ain't their vibe. They are bars and non-kid friendly restaurants and antique shops and used book stores. It is not and never will be a place to take the kids for a fun day out.

Number Three, speaking of not looking at the future, you clearly either haven't read this ridiculous agreement or you just don't understand what it says. THERE IS NOTHING FOR WILMINGTON HERE!! Everything, every penny, every benefit, goes to Mandalay and Atlanta. All we're getting is screwed. We are responsible for capital maintainance, and they plan on BORROWING MORE MONEY TO FUND IT.
We have to give Mandalay $2.9 million of the $31 million so they can go buy FURNITURE, so now we have to build the stadium with $28.1 million, but of course we're still on the hook for all of it.
Wilmington gets ZERO REVENUE. Braves/Mandalay keep every penny they bring in.
The City can hold City sponsored events there BUT THEY ARE LIMITED TO A TOTAL OF 10 DAYS A YEAR. 10 IN A WHOLE YEAR! And THEY HAVE TO PAY TO USE IT! Wow, what a great deal!! We get to use our own stadium 10 days a year and we get to pay to do it!
What, oh what was the city negotiating on all this time? Was it really just to get that free box suite for the mayor?


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