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WHat happened?

what happened to the NSS study?
Both Atlanta and Mandalay now admit it was a fabrication?
They said 135 recurring full time jobs.

” Ownership expects the team will bring approximately 25 full time jobs and 350 seasonal jobs.”

25 full time jobs?
For $58M ??????
$2.1M per job?
Are you guys nuts?

The impact of 350 part time jobs will DECREASE area income levels not increase them.
What happened to the 135 full time positions in the NSS report? Chapter 9 pg 114???
C’mon Chuck C’mon Terry C’mon Pro side

Was this a lie or was this a mistake?
Either way the NSS report was just demolished and rendered useless because this is an error of egregious proportions.
115 to 135 full time jobs is now down to 25?

Hows does it feel to be duped by your own report?
What other lies are in there?
PCB fell for it hook line and sinker.
Wow. What piece of crap that study turned out to be eh?
$2.1M per job………….wow



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