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The City Counsel Thieves

To All Readers,and all interested party's for the so called Baseball team ideal,has everybody in Wilmington lost your minds, do you remember Wilmington has already had Two Baseball teams here in the Port City,and what happen.One team was a joke and the other team MOVED AWAY if you people there let Bill Saffo,and City Counsel have there way you will be shining shoes next.
To me them wanting to raise your property taxes 2.5 cents to pay for a Baseball team is to say,We city counsel members will do as we please
and MAKE THE TAX PAYERS of the county pay for it. What about the homeless people in your neighbor hood that has NO where to lay their heads tonight or that kid next door going to bed HUNGERY,your neighbor with the FOR SALE sign in their yard or the Fore-closer paper in the window.
Do you people in New Hanover County think it is right to be raising the taxes on the people that have NO job their unemployment gone,their
house in Fore-closer due to know fought of their on because the job they had CLOSED DOWN.
Tax payers stand up for yourself and GROW A SET AND SAY NO TO A BASEBALL TEAM AND SAFFO AND HIS TEAM,OF MONEY GRABBERS if you want a Baseball Team give them your check book and say here WRITE WHAT YOU NEED because if you let them raise your taxes to pay for it that is just what you are doing.
Do you think they will give you and your family a life time right to all games there you payed for it you should get a sticker to go in your car window saying I AM TAX PAYER FOR THE BASEBALL STADIUM FREE ADMISSION. So whats it going to be citizens of New Hanover County is
it right for your hard earned tax money to be going to something that is going to make BILL SAFFO HAPPY,why don't Bill help save you tax payers some money and sale that land he has between New Hanover and
Bruswick county there on 74/ 76 just before you get to Leland HELLO
Tax payers you are already giving Bill and his Team a free meal ticket by keeping them on in the SORRY job that they are doing now you
want to give them a Baseball Stadium take that money and HELP YOUR NEIGHBOR that needs it if you feel you need to HELP OUT.
Anyway it is your call people in November to do the right thing SAY NO


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