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"We have to give Mandalay $2.9 million of the $31 million so they can go buy FURNITURE, so now we have to build the stadium with $28.1 million, but of course we're still on the hook for all of it."

$2.9 million dollars for furniture? I would like to see an itemized list of what was bought and the cost per item. Without this accounting, I believe a lot of this money just disappears. This deal just gets worse and worse. If this deal gets approved, there will be millions of dollars that do not get used for anything other than to line peoples pockets. If anyone cares to dispute this, demand an audit down to the penny on the money used to construct and equip the Convention Center. The old saying "When the fox is in charge of the hen house, he will have chicken dinner every single day" comes to mind.

Why is it when private money is used to build these stadiums they cost 10 to 15 million dollars less than when public money is used? The cost overruns are a lot less also.

There are people waiting in the wings to build this area a stadium using private money. All we have to do is vote against this con.

The owner of the Braves is worth 5.1 billion dollars. He should quit asking for handouts from tax payers. Enough is enough. There is no logical reason to use tax payer money to fund a project that benefits Mandalay, the Braves, and their owner. They get the profits and the tax payers get the bill.........


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