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Clown Activity

Mr. T wrote, " This is a difficult task as those opposed, generally oppose any progress and don't care if their effort only leads to self humiliation. The city would be wise to expose to the voters the projected revenue stream for the stadium. It is the citizens right to make their decision based on both cost and return. Hopefully the city will produce a valuable business plan that will shut some of the clown activity down, but, if the city can't accomplish this, those who favor baseball should lose."

The key words in your statement is "projected revenue stream" and "clown activity." Between what you, Chuck Kuebler, and Terry Spencer, have claimed, your clown activity can not be surpassed! Here's the deal genius: You claim the tax payers need to vote themselves a tax increase to fund a baseball stadium. The total cost will be over 58 million dollars. The people with brains, the ones you claim oppose any progress, want to let Ripken build the stadium with private investors. What part of free do you oppose? With this option available, why do you still want the tax payers to fund the stadium? One last question, Why do you feel it is right and fair for a billionaire to get a tax payer funded building to do business in? He gets to rent it for a fraction of the costs and competes directly with other businesses that do not get the same subsidizes. Sports bars and restaurants will lose business to the stadium. The revenue streams go directly to Mandalay, the Braves, and their billionaire owner. They get the profits and the tax payers get the bill. Your position on this issue makes you the "CLOWN."


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