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THE BBC (Billionaires Beggar Club)

The Sports Empires in this country have pulled off one of the biggest con games in the history of the world. The con is called “Tax Payer funded Stadiums.” They come to an area with wild claims of benefits and progress to convince the local governments and tax payers to subsidize them. What other business requires tax payers to build them an office/stadium costing millions of dollars and rent it back to them for a small fraction of the building/maintenance costs? They get total control and charge the people that paid for the project each and every time they use it. They also directly compete with other businesses in the area that did not receive any subsidies. This is a sweetheart of a deal for the billionaire owner.

Most of the claims of benefits for the cities where these stadiums are located are false. The stadiums take away business from restaurants and sports bars. The times the stadiums draw the most fans are weekend night games, and most of the area businesses are closed when the games are over. Most of the people that regularly attend baseball games live within a 30 mile radius of the stadium. They eat and drink in the stadium and go home once the game is over. The economic windfall is for the team owner. It is time for the “Billionaires Beggar Club” to go away. They are the ones with the “billions of dollars,” and it is time for them to pay their own way. If they were the ones paying, I am willing to bet that stadiums would no longer have to be replaced every 15 to 20 years………

The tax payer funded stadium projects are a small oasis trapped in a cloud of lies and deception…..the billionaire owners sit in the oasis reaping the benefit, while the tax payers are left in the desert with nothing but the costs…..

Does anyone really feel the need to keep donating money to the “BILLIONAIRES BEGGAR CLUB?”


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