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If you build it, "they" will come....

But from where? Residents of the City and immediately surrounding areas are not going to show up in sufficient numbers consistently to to see a team that probably isn't much better - if at all - than the Sharks or UNCW baseball, for that matter). Neither existing facility is consistently full, and the price to be paid is much lower than what the entry fee on this will be. No parking fees to be paid to yet another - probably the same - monopoly, either.

Funny that the toxic waste dump was mentioned. Just look along the river at that site now. They are digging all sorts of stuff out of the ground like wood (nice arsenic and coal tar treated poles), who knows what liquids, and who knows what else. Big piles of "stuff" and the liquid just gets to run off into the river. The whole area stinks depending on the direction of the wind. The entire site is still listed as a brownfield, but no one is enforcing any kind of rules about what's coming out of the ground.

The proposed ballfield will sit on ground that hasn't yet been dug, so who knows what goodies will be found there. Delay in construction due to hazardous waste? Who cares... The city will have to deal with, and pay for it!


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