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The answer to your question is nothing has changed. His original statement was true. The city can not afford a tax payer funded stadium. It is too bad that it was just another lie, told by a politician, to get elected. There is not any money to bring the salaries of city workers up to the average of other areas, but a tax payer funded stadium is deemed necessary. The Police Department is up to a 25% turn over rate for employees. This means less experienced officers on the streets and massive training costs. The Fire Department is having trouble attracting qualified personal. The Mayor and City Council have wasted 100's of thousands of dollars and man hours on a project that does not make any sense. They need to concentrate on sewers, roads, and salaries. They need to leave private enterprise to the private sector. The salaries for Fire and Police average 10% less than other nearby areas and the matching benefit and retirement packages have been reduced considerably.

The Convention Center loses a considerable amount of money each month and now the City Leaders in their infinite wisdom think the tax payers need to subsidize a billionaire also. I wonder what the billionaire is going to do for them? I am glad I do not work for the city, the city leaders have lost all concept of fairness and common sense. I hope everybody will remember this when it is time to vote....


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