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@ Rick

I will contribute to the BBC as I love their accents on the telly and the radio.
Oh wait, wrong BBC........
Look, they get these subsidies because they CAN. Lets deny the subidy then see what happens.

@Guest 2020:
Saffo has said the following:
At $42M - too expensive
At $32M - Can't support that number and Mandalay has to put more skin in the game.
At $31M - let the voters decide

What Saffo et al have done is basically put this on us. This was a huge mistake for the supporters of baseball as they over stated baseball support right from the start. IT is clear the majority want baseball so long as taxpayer dollars are not used. Support dwindles as the tax rate goes up.
I don't know what this problem is. Is it Saffo didn't have the guts to say "NO"? Is he afraid of making the mistake - so he wants it on our backs? Obviously by the council votes THEY wanted it passed on to us.

When originally proposed the cost was ZERO to taxpayers and everyone was happy.
When that fell through someone should have said (at that point) "Come back when you have replacement private financing." THAT would have indicated we support baseball and we are willing to wait - but no they kept on going.
That turned this battle into a political/financial battle.
THis should not have happened - it got the pro side all fired up way too early. Now its up to the voters to say "Sorry this isn't going to work".

I guess WE have to lead on this one



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