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Can't afford.......

"It's an expense she and her husband can't afford". I can't afford it either, but yet, the government keeps taking the money from my paycheck (taxes) to pay for other's childcare, birth control, transportation, health care, housing, utilities, food, and (my biggest pet peeve) cellular telephone service. I am not, at all, against helping others whom I feel need / deserve the help. However, I am, totally, against the government taking my (tax) money and MAKING me. If the government stopped all forms of (tax payer funded) welfare programs, the citizens would have the money to lend assistance in the way that it should be lent; through family, church and civic groups and on an as needed, temporary, basis until the needy could figure out how to do for themself and then thank the "giver" by becoming the "giver" instead of always being the "taker"

Wilmington Observer


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