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Child care

Child care costs are so out of hand. A co-worker pays $1200.00 per month for two children...and has to pay this regardless of whether or not her children are even there "to hold their space". If the provider is closed for a holiday she pays. If her child is out sick she pays. If they close for bad weather she pays. There are no breaks. And she can't possibly be bringing home much afterwards. But she does it. She does it because if it means an extra $50.00 a month to feed her family it is worth it. She does it to kept herself in the workforce so when the kids are both in school she has a work history and growth. She does it because in the long run her family is better for it. Now THAT is making a tough decision! Not just deciding against having children so you can live free of the obligation. These days are tougher for young families than they have ever been. If my taxes are going up...and they will...for people to watch baseball... I would much rather help people trying to make a living by offsetting some of the exorbitant costs of doing so.


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