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Common, how can you infer

Common, how can you infer that my "cut and paste" is calling to punish the wealthy who did well? Congratulations on your marvelously successful life because of YOUR efforts! I'm most certain that you never benefited from any corporate welfare whatsoever....

Maybe you haven't lined your pockets with agribusiness subsidies, oil subsidies or profited by rigged, overpriced government contracts but many of your precious rich have. Maybe you never increased your wealth by outsourcing jobs or chopping benefits, but many of the precious rich you defend have. Maybe you never benefited from political barriers sheltering your business from real competition but again, many of the precious rich you defend have as well.

I agree, welfare NEEDS to be cut; but I am much more in favor of cutting welfare to corporations and shareholders rather than begrudging child care assistance to a working family.

Henry Ford is at the top of the list of historical capitalists I admire. He got rich, very rich, but in a way that expanded the economy by providing affordable goods and creating wealth by increasing wages. Ford just took a little less than what today's capitalists feel they're entitled.


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