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CPR with only one working lung? Please

With all the 2 sides to so many detials..... No one can really know for sure.

BUT.....We do have 2 facts in the case that together are not possible.

1. He stated over and over he gave all 3 victims CPR. Not once but twice. This is fact.
2. He also had a collasped lung. Also a fact.

Explain how a man with a collasped lung was able to give CPR? How he was struggling to breath and even passed out from this, was able to push a great deal of air into 3 people 2 times.

Then..... lets look at another peice of this...

Both kids are laying on thier sides when MPSs arrived. Maybe they were moved... but read on.

Then lets say Jeff really did attempt CPR.

This would have required them to be rolled over on their backs

Regardless of being moved or not later as far as the position they were found in we have one little factor....

The blood imprints on the bed would reflect 2 patterns of blood. One from the side, one from the back. Espeically the youngest who had most of her wounds in her back.

From the photos I have seen, this would not have been possible. There was one pattern of blood only.

So, if hes lying about performing CPR on his family..... Then I think we all have to question why.


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