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So you think hes

So you think hes innocent.... then explain how he performed CPR while struggling to breath. Not once, but 6 times since he stated he tried on all 3 victims twice.

There are not double blood stains to account for the bodies being moved. There is no way on earth either if he moved them to perform CPR (not to mention is should be done on a hard surface and both girls were in bed)he would have been covered in blood. Their necks faces were drenched, and when you have wounds like that, they would have blood in their mouths. It would have been IMPOSSIBLE for him to attempt CPR, yet not be so covered in blood that it was not dripping all over the floors, on the walls, on the beds where he was pushing himself up. And the blood would be mixed. All 3 victims blood types would be on all 3 victims. That was not the case.

Regardless of any tampering that may have been done if you belive that.... you can not deny the lack of blood.

Jeff himself stated many times he attempted CPR. Yet again..... CPR needs to be done on a hard surface. Why did he not move their bodies to the ground. He would have to adjust the necks, put his mouth on theirs. His hands and face BOTH would be covered in blood. COVERED.

It would be dripping off his face and body. IT would be all over the floor, the walls, the bed.

This was not the case. Look at the blood stains.

This was clean for the most part.

Outside the blanket that clearly shows his wife and kims bodies were wrapped in it at one time.... the kids rooms are clean other than where the bodies were and then the one foot print.

This man was not trying to save his family. Had he tried, the bloood would be everywhere.

Anything else is up for debate, but this man himself stated over and over and over that he tried twice to save his family.

It is clear he is lying. A man would not lie about trying to save his family unless he didnt want them saved.

This is so obvious it amazes me that it was never mentioned in court.


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