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It was covered that this

It was covered that this actual base at the time of the murders was open to the public if you will. Anyone could come on base.

Also, someone commented on how Hippies would stand out on a military base..... It was the middle of the night.... and Jeffs sketches.... all the men had short hair so they could have just looked like military personal in street clothes.

Dont get me wrong, I dont believe him... I think he did it.

But i put that on the facts that can not be blamed on a cover up, tampering, etc.

I base my belive that he is guily around his claims of doing CPR.

He stated himself he tried on all 3 victims TWICE. Transcripts state this, taped video interviews stated this.

And I have posted this several times and have had no one offer an explanation. So the only conclusion is that he lied about doing CPR. And if he lied about trying to save his family, there must be more to this story. He did not want them to survive. And since a Dr and a Father would by instinct feel the need to save them, had he not been the one to end their lives, he would have tried with all his might.

So here are the issues that sold me on his guilt....

How did he move the bodies to the right position and arch the neck with his hands to perform CPR on 3 people twice yet leave no bloody hand prints anywhere in the house?
***Jeff said he did this. So he can not argue against it. And I dont care who you are, if your family is dying and you really tried to save them, the blood involved in these murders was extensive and he would have been covered, hands, mouth etc. FACT. Yet the place was basically spotless outside the beds in the kids rooms. Not possible. And look the the crime scene photos of the manson murders. they did not neatly kill them leaving in one place.

Then, how did he perform CPR on a bed? I am CPR certified, I was told they must be on a hard flat surface. Being a dr, he for sure knew this. We know they were not moved as there would have been blood all over. A blood pattern of him sliding them from the bed to the floor and the floor. He never said he moved them to the floor. And, there was no sliding blood pattern (fact and that would not have been able to be cleaned up as it would stain) and while there was nothing on the floor, I will not address that as it could have been cleaned up. So again, no one can aruge the first points....Unless Jeff did not tell the truth

The bodies of the children were at one point on their sides (FACT, we have photos). Yet to do CPR as Jeff states, they would have been rolled to their backs (still not a hard surface but Ill focus just on this point here). The blood stains would have been in 2 places on the bedding and the mattress. It was not. We have photos of the bedding, the kids in the bed and the mattress. No one can even state that someone could have "cleaned up". The blood stains would not have been cleaned up from the bed as it would have stained the same way the other blood spots left permanant stains.

And my last issue. Jeff has stated many times, documented FACT that he struggled to breath. Even at one point could not catch his breath and had to crawl. So, have any of you ever been short of breath, asthma, a bad cold? I have been. I could not blow enough air into another human being to attempt to inflate their lungs one time, must less 6 (3 bodies and 2 attempts each). Had Jeff stated he "tried but was unable to get enough air" that would have been a much better defense. But he has never stated this. Just that he did blow air into their lungs and saw bubbbles come out of each persons lungs thru the wounds. Even said he saw this in the youngest yet she had no wounds in her chest.

The man lied.

That is a fact that can no be argued based on this evidence. The blood stains would have "stained" and no tampering would have been possible to remove those stains in the bedding and the mattress.

The rest, can be argued. But blood STAINS can not.

And if he lied about trying to save his family he loved, a father, husband and a doctor.... then you must ask why. And I do not see any reason he would have other than he did not want them to live.

So what other conclusion could you have?

Anyone that feels they can explain, I would love your opinion. I have posted this many places and not once has anyone replied with anything that could explain my points.

I did email the site that claims to give Jeff himself all the questions and asked these questions. I have not yet had a reply, but I am eager to see if I get one, and if my questions are answered directly or if I get the run around response. If I get any response, i will share.


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