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pill bust

I for one do not do any drugs, illegal, prescribed, OTC, none of it for any reason. But remember we are a pill popping/pushing society. It's on the airwaves, sponsored in every magazine, newspaper throughout this country, a drug store on every corner. Pharma companies are the legalized drug dealers. It's too easy to pop a pill for any reason. If our children don't behave then they're ADHD so pop a pill, obese-pop a pill, etc. There is a market for the pills so there are going to be folks promoting it & it is very easy to get a prescription from a doctor anywhere. Congrats to the police for at least getting this much out of the hands of others but remember there are others to take their place. To the person who takes pain pills legitimately there are much better ways to free yourself of pain then popping pills. Mind/Body healing does work-my husband freed himself of pain from pancreatic cancer (extremely painful) without being drugged up on morphine & lived a much better life. I take care of my arthritis without drugs. Alternative treatments do work without the dangerous side effects of drugs. Drugs should only be used in the most extreme but even terminal illnesses can be taken care of without drugs.


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