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Oh please over this case already..big cry babies...if you were w

Sorry Craig that this real estate a-hole had to bring you to this. Believe us, we understand. As for the rest of the phony- appeals of "sadness", they would not have given a d**n if you were white, they are only upset because "one of their own" was killed. Well, Good riddance to the real estate agent, 12 less in the world. Keep cleaning. hugs and kisses Craig. Forget the others, they are self-righteous and really didn't even know that real estate jack-off. Bet if that same guy stole THEIR property that we would not be reading all of these bleeding heart comments. People are full of cow's dung. It's most likely that the rest of the commenters have committed a crime sometime or another in their own lives. It's all BS. Hope you get out soon so you can take some more down...sorry about you're having to go to prison, though. It's as bad out here as it is in there. The only difference is that they slap a little make up on society and call it "civilization". It is truly no better out here. Your nay-sayers are just being racist neurotics as usual. Of course you'd find that here. Not everyone is against you brother. Keep appealing and take it easy. This is no joke. We mean this. Oh, and to the little phony "rip" comments..oh please, if any of you care..most of you are criminals as well in one way or another. Remember, the rest of you are NO better!!!


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