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I can tell by the first two comments, SOMEBODY has no respect for law enforcement.First, where did it say that the DEPUTY was speeding? Did it ever occur to you that the victim could have been or maybe there was no speed involved at all? Things happen, accidents happen, to US all. I can tell you what kind of deputies the Sheriff has. He has hard working,dedicated men and women, not only to the citizens of this county but to the community, to the school system where your children go to school,to the churches in our county, to the families of deceased citizens and to the deceased while they are being carried to their final resting place,to the elderly and other citizens who are scared to enter their homes when they find their front doors kicked in, and especially the abused little children whose parents are strung out on dope and alchol when they come home from school,especially if they find MAMA beat half to death by their no good for nothing daddy, and the children themselves who are sexually molested by maybe a parent or family member or by a complete stranger. Or how about the young mother who is ABOUT TO COMMIT SHOPLIFTING because she has no food/milk for her baby and she has a split second to reconsider because a young deputy is standing near by and can tell by her face what she is about to do and offers money to pay for her items. Or how about the deputy who extends monetary means to another when the need arises, or the gallons of gas they put in vehicles on the side of the road which has ran out of gas in the hot summer time or the cold of winter, maybe with an elderly couple or a young mother of several children or change a flat tire. There are men and women out there who put their lives on the line EVERYDAY AND EVERYNIGHT '24 - 7' - Just for PEOPLE like you! REMEMBER THIS THE NEXT TIME YOU HAVE A WRECK OR A FLAT TIRE. Oh, did I mention the RAIN!


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