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Going Nowhere?

It's a shame that people jump to conclusions like this without knowing anything about emergency services. (But first.. know that I am not a cop, but I do work in emergency services). I guess it's just ignorance to the other side of the story that leads people to make rediculous statements like this. I'm not calling anyone ignorant in general, but before you refer to our law enforcement officers or any emergency workers as no good, worthless, etc.. spend some time volunteering in fire or EMS. Just because a call doesn't qualify as a "lights & sirens" level upon dispatch, doesn't mean its not an emergency to the person that called 911. The officer that just blew past you on Hwy 17 may be the only officer available in the south end of the county (and yes, that happens frequently) and now he has to get from Supply to Calabash. Now imagine you, or your mom, or your child are the one that called 911... do you want him to do 55 to get to to THAT call?

The statement "it was bound to happen" is true, no argument there, it's just odds. But you or I could be at fault in a motor vehicle accident today. So before anyone else talks smack about emergency workers, please consider some statistics.. Who is in more vehicular accidents in this county: trained emergency vehicle drivers getting to someone that needs help in a hurry, or regular everyday normal guy going about the same drive to or from work that he takes everyday?

I feel for the family that lost a loved one too.. but let's not turn this into a blame game.


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