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AND another thing. . .

As far as that law veh passing with blue lights on and later cuts them off on farther down the road, did ya every think that maybe the call had been cancelled and the ofcr was told to disregard? DID YA? DID YA? And the fact that you had to pull over to the right to let the emergency veh by, what the heck! A driver should be in the RIGHT hand lane driving anway unless he is passing, and when he does pass, he needs to get the heck back OVER to the right, just in case. I forgot to mention all about the pay. I can assure you,law enforcement is not in it for the money! The satisfaction of helping others. seeing little children beam with pride at a DARE graduation, or excited to watch a K9 demo at their school or receive a plastic badge to wear or pencils to use in school with Sheriff Office on it. NOW, that is good pay! How about the times they hold to comfort a loved one who has just come home to find a loved one dead, maybe from a medical reason or from a self inflicted gun shot wound, or maybe had been MURDERED! Or a child who has just drowned in Grandpas swimming pool. These are things I bet never even has crossed your mind that law enforcement deal with every day. These are things that do not leave their minds at the end of the call or day. Things stay in their minds for YEARS. In the Bible God says, BLESSED ARE THE PEACE MAKERS. I pray EVERYDAY/EVERYNIGHT that God will return my husband and son home safely and all the others men and women too.
I understand that the deceased was from Virginia. He may not have known our North Carolina laws in regard to riding a motorcycle, he may not have had his headlight on or his helment on. We see riders alll the time coming up from SC who do not have helments on because in SC, it is not a law that you have to wear a helment. We DO NOT know all the facts so lets know judge. I do offer prayers and ask for comfort for his family but I also do the same for the Deputy. The officer is a kind and good Christain man.


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