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Not one to nitpick but.,

Was the motorcycle rider wearing a helmet? If so then I honestly question if the deputy should have been charged with death by motor vehicle at all, because I know that there are enough cases out there of no death charges being filed in cases where the individual who died failed to wear a seat belt and thus contributed to their own death. Ive worked in an ER and also was in EMS for many years and sadly we had a 2 word term for motorcycle riders who didnt wear a helmet and were involved in bad accidents.. "Organ Donors".. Anybody foolish not to wear a helmet and ride on a vehicle traveling at speeds of 55-60mph the math is simple. A rider thrown off their bike at speed will impact with the following impact Speed X Weight of individual = pounds of force exerted upon the victims body when they impact the ground. So a person traveling at 60 MPH and weighing 200lbs will impact with the force of 12000 lbs.. Im sorry yes the human body can withstand signicant force but 12000lbs on the skull tends no to end well at all.


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