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not above the law

This comment does not apply to this particular accident, but rather to the people commenting who seem to think a deputy can do no wrong.

IF a cop is responding to a call and traveling above the speed limit, then it should be with "lights and sirens". Traveling from Wilmington to Calabash on 17 a couple of weeks ago just after the sun set, I was passed at two completely different points by Highway patrol cars, both doing at least 90 mph, weaving in and out of traffic WITH NO LIGHTS ON. One came up behind me so quickly I could not get out of the way after passing and he just swerved to the right through the gap without slowing. NO LIGHTS.

One even blew through a red light with traffic coming by slowing a little bit and flashing his lights briefly. Luckily, no accidents occurred, but this type of behavior is an accident waiting to happen and a preventable one. If it is not a "lights and sirens" call, then they should not be speeding. And if they kill someone because they are speeding without lights and sirens, then that is felony manslaughter (just like you or me would be charged with) and should be punished, just like anyone. Being a cop does not place them above the law.


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