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Open Forum means that nobody has to "shut-up."

Hey Jack-scat;

What kind of LE troll are you? What authority do you have telling ANYBODY to "shut up?" Are you some kind of relative or lover-boy of the POS code-enforcer was too busy NOT WATCHING THE ROAD to keep from killing an innocent motorcyclist?

Paying attention to anything that distracts from the forward or side views of a motor vehicle WILL CAUSE ACCIDENTS! Dashboard computers do make people glance away, even for just a fraction of a second ... which is long enough to stupidly kill people.

Just 'cause you claim not to hear of this kind of computer crime don't mean it ain't so. Anyway, if you don't like people making speculations about why this failed public servant killed an innocent person, then get off the website, or you STFU.

As it is, you seem to be the only rube showing that you don't know what you're talking about. What wages is the LE union paying you to shill out your oppressive communications?



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