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Re: Not to nitpick but

First: The motorcyclist in this accident WAS wearing a DOT (Department of Transportation) approved helmet.

Second: This is a truly unfortunate incident for all parties involved. My thoughts and prayers go out to both the families of the motorcyclist and the Deputy.

Third: I am a career medical professional in EMS (for the past 10 + years with 6 of them being in critical care air medical transport). I have seen more unfortunate accidents involving motorcycles than I would like to recall and the people at fault range from other drivers, the motorcyclists, and wildlife. I am going to be quite frank. For you to go spouting off about whether or not the motorcyclist was wearing a helmet and generalizing that motorcyclists involved in accidents are "organ donors", insensitive, rude, and unprofessional. You do not know the facts about this accident. We do not need a physics lesson on motor vehicle crashes, as most know the science behind speed, velocity and rate of deceleration.

Fourth: If your involved in EMS you need to have more respect for your profession and for the victims of this accident. I was appalled and embarrassed for you after reading this post. You said, "If the motorcyclist wasn't wearing a helmet, then the Deputy shouldn't be charged". Are you serious? Do you know how ignorant you sound. No need for it. I hope in the future you read what you type before hitting the submit button.

Last: My family is very good friends with the motorcyclist that was killed in this accident. My family was on vacation with the motorcyclist and his family at the time of the accident. So rather than making assumptions of what happened and what one was wearing or not, why don't you wait to hear it from the professionals at the North Carolina Highway Patrol who are investigating this, before posting "crap" as you did.

EMS Professional


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