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Comment by Guest 228

You know this is a lost to everyone involved...yet you want to dig up the past and run off at the mouth about stuff you have no idea about. The Deputy involved in this tragic accident is a good man and is a great deputy. He had a accident and now someone has lost there life. It was a ACCIDENT and he was responding to a call. Not like the THUG in Wilmington running from the police dept. You are a clueless individual who needs to get a life. We work the roads catching criminals, in schools protecting your children, work funerals to make sure the deceased and their families get safely to the deceased final resting place, we don't make a lot of money yet we are willing to lay down our lives for someone we don't even know, we work constantly in the heat, rain, hurricanes, storms and cold so you my friend can sleep safely at night. And should you need us I am sure you will dial 911 for that same person you are being so critical of to come and save your butt. You have no idea what it is like to go to a call and not know what you are pulling up on. Whether or not you are going to come home to your kids and do us all a favor and keep your derogatory remarks to are doing nothing but making the situation worse.


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