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5 months ago

5 months ago I said goodbye to my husband that Monday morning as I headed to the beach with a friend and he downing a huge dagwood sandwich before his "ride". He was excited to be on vacation, had spit shined that bike. I wish I could take that morning back and say no, go with me to the beach..he did that on Sunday you know..something he hardly did. We walked on the beach holding hands, talking and just being happy together, we saw a bird fly down and get a catch in awe. He was a man of faith and encouraged the same from me. I can't begin to tell you of the loss I feel or how many "occasions" have come and gone without him..Thanksgiving, his 58th birthday and birthweek we'll never celebrate again, unless its September 17th @5:00 and Happy Birthday in Heaven, his church family misses him, his son misses him, his grandchildren, his best friends and his Carter Family, his Belfry Ky family mostly ME HIS WIFE. My home and heart are empty.
I pray for the officer involved as I know he didnt intend to do this but also know that he is sworn to uphold the law. I hope like me, he sees the vision of my husband as I see it every day when I awaken, every night when I close my eyes and try to sleep. He didnt deserve to die this way. He has been a rider for 35+ years, and his occupation, he drove 1000s of miles a year. A safe driver. I know we cant change what happened but in all of this know that the comments are not meant to be hurtful but to give insight to the awesome human being God chose to take home instead of allow to suffer as a result of this horrific day that I will never forget.


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