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"It has a lot of reward"

Wilmington council member O'Grady says "It has a lot of reward."

This whole deal has been off center since day one. After Wilmington paid them a considerable amount of money, the NSS (a Mandalay chosen company) report turned out to be an advertising brochure for Mandatlanta. Mandatlanta has offered less and less in every step of stadium negotiations and every time they do that council seeems even more eager to "play ball" with them. Throughout the entire process, city "leaders" have either withheld information until forced to divulge it or have simply chosen to mistate facts. Even now they are being less than forthcoming after an agreement has been signed. An agreement that was signed even after it was disclosed (from other sources, of course) that far better deals were available such as the deal from Ripken. Combine all that with several polls overwhelmingly indicating taxpayers want zero part of this and only one word and a question mark come to mind: WHY?

We all know that a company attempting to sell someone something would never keep raising its price on a product as part of a negotiating strategy. Despite that, Mandatlanta has been doing exactly that, and doing it with the impunity of an insider stock trader. WHY?

We all know this is a terrible deal for Wilmington and will have seriously negative consequences for years to come. We all know that only a small insider Wilmington minority will have any potential gain from this project. We all know that polls overwhelmingly are against this project. Despite all of that council marches blindly forward like zombies in the thrall of who knows what. WHY?

I can understand what reward Mandatlanta hopes to achieve. What "reward" was O'Grady referring to? I suspect the answer to that question might be hiding right in front of us in plain sight. With everything else turning out to be so illogical I most certainly hope that does not turn out to be the case.


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