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Unfortunately for you, and completely by your own choice, you have painted yourself into a corner of complete irrelevance. The really ironic part of all this is that you've done this using a bucket of your own words as your media of choice.

Without getting into all of your prepubescant name calling, quoting from one of your recent posts as of 9/14/2012: "The city of Wilmington deserves praise for the approach taken in developing the plan to bring minor league baseball to the city. This study has been handled in a very professional manner." Everyone, including Mandalay, acknowledges the numbers in the NSS report are way off the mark. It has also become public knowledge that other opportunities were available to council, such as Ripken, that were ignored. Everyone knows this, yet you continue to say everything's been handled in a "professional" manner.

Your own statements have proven to be contrary to reality. Combine that with your self described persona of being a marketing god among peons and you'll find very few Wilmingtonians willing to continue to follow your blather. It just wouldn't make logical sense to do so.

At this point, the best contribution you could possibly make to the pro-stadium cabal is to remain completely silent. The brush strokes of your own arrogance have resulted in you painting yourself into a corner of irrelevance for your own cause.

A totally unnecessary thing to have done to yourself and your cause and truly pathetic.


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