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Thank you for being a Marine

Thank you for being a Marine who actually ACTS like the general public believes Marines or anyone in our armed forces should act. It saddens me to see things like the: Help John Adam Kinosh Facebook page (which is obviously set up by Marines)being used by the admin of that page and his (again, obvious) Marine buddy's to feed their militant, childish behavior. They are making a JOKE of this, most stating that it was because "the cabby took his hat" Kinosh beat him and DESERVED it.
I manage a taxi company in Wilmington,NC and our drivers pick up MANY drunk Marines. At this point, I must admit, I'm second guessing if it's worth it. The general attitude of this Facebook page is why.
As a former Marine, have a look. If it was JUST Kinosh, I probably wouldn't worry much. But I have a feeling (especially with divisions like MARSOC) this should be a concern.
I always thought the Marines DEMANDED their people to hold their positions in the highest regard? Understandably, these guys see things when they're deployed that no human being should have to see. It's understood that many of these gents will come home with "PTSD". But, I don't believe their training hides the things they'll see or do. I REALLY don't know how ANY PTSD would be triggered by a cab ride (that's reaching). If they want to stand up for their brother, fine. No, they won't like public opinion of the situation (the Marine is a trained killer after all) but they don't have to keep those posts. Instead...oh just go read for yourself.
Hopefully today I'll hear back from the command office at Lejeune. Hopefully someone in that office doesn't view this page as a joke. The tones of these guys are somewhat...mentally deranged to be perfectly honest. Will the next Marine with Kinoshs' outlook kill the cab driver? Will one of them take a beating just because "it's payback for their brother in uniform"? A little far fetched? Maybe. But it is and will be a concern, especially if what I've read is the true attitude of Marines nowadays.


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