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Boo, hoo, hoo ... It's not our fault ... It's them outsiders!

It's them outsiders ... they made us look bad.

It's not our fault we sold them property to live on. It's them outsiders' fault that they bought it from us.

It's not our fault we've lived here our whole life and haven't run for elected office. It's them outsiders.

It's not our fault that most of the voters who lived here their entire life voted these people into office. It's them outsiders.

It's not our fault that every time something goes wrong we pull out that old carpetbag excuse and blame someone other than ourselves. It's them outsiders.

If everyone had just left us alone in our little hamlet of perfection nothing would have happened, just like nothing has ever happened since time immemorial.

Them outsiders are every reason things aren't just they way I remember them in my fictional imagination. That's not our fault, it's them outsiders.


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