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Now now guest

Play nice.
This guy Wren displayed his ignorance of our history.
We had 2 count'em 2 DIFFERENT franchises here in the last 20 years.
Now they didn't play in some shiny new stadium with "suites" and "box seats" - no they played in that pedestrian field known as Brooks field.
Just like the Winston Salem Dash started outplaying in or the team in Greenville.
What we have going on right now is a bunch of grown men (questionable) saying "we won't succeed unless we have a brand new stadium that YOU pay for".
Now I wasn't born yesterday but I do know that some things you should earn - respect is one thing, admiration is another and once you get in the spirit of "earning" something you appreciate it much more. You cherish it and take care of it.
These people are asking, sight unseen, for us to commit to $58M+ in spending just so they can "try" to make a go of it here.
No - sorry, earn it. Make the ATTEMPT to play at Brooks or Hardee. SHOW ME a packed stadium and you know what? I just might agree that it's needed.
But don't come here with lies and distortions - twisting words and avoiding questions and expect to have MY respect and MY admiration for your "cause".
I don't disrespect Terry, Margaret and the other locals promoting this. THEY didn't negotiate this "deal" either.
C'mon guys, make the effort, play to a packed Brooks field for a year and come back and say "See? We know it will work".

You guys are like a kid asking for a Corvette for a first car claiming you'll drive better because its new and Dad paid for it.
All the data says kids are lousy drivers and corvettes aren't what they're made up top be.
But you keep on whining and crying with O'Shady saying "But Charlotte's got one, and I want one too".
Keep stomping those feet O'Grady - they're NOT too big to fill



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