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DEF pro-baseball?

You sound like another riverside land-owning money grubber seeking to fulfill your personal interests, e.g., filling pockets with money. If you REALLY look at the opposition, first-off they are TAXPAYERS. In addition, they are being very realistic and realize there simply is no large allure to SEMI-pro baseball in this area. Then they realize that spending upwards of 30-40 million to provide a facility will only generate more kiddie soccer fields in the near future. That's all the new stadium will be worth using. Finally, the opposition is smart enough to realize that if anything to do with this baseball proposal had ANYTHING to do with making ANY money, private investors would be all over it like white on rice! We all know how "opportunity" works and when money is to be had, those who have money go for it. When it is a losing proposition, they quickly walk away guarding their checkbooks with both hands! So, go ahead... call the opposition all of the dengerated names you can think of. They are much smarter than you and will shut you down and shut you out in November! Get your crying towels ready with plenty of spares in hand!
Me? I'm going to the beach for a few hours, then I'm going sportfishing on Saturday and diving on Sunday. That's what people do at the beach. Single A, semi-pro schtikk-ball is for the bored and decrepid that live inland with nothing to do.


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