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I've said it before "they" have got to run someone with substance against Bill Poofy Hair Saffo. He is wildly popular and his last opponent was a weakling.
As for Council, well I would like to think they'd all get replaced but this is not the type of place for large changes so I'll settle for Oshady, Sheridan, and Rivenbark getting defeated.
As for Saffo just keep this statistic in mind, in the 2007 - 2008 budget the tax rate was 33 cents per $100
In the 2013 budget it is $42 cents per hundred and will go up an additional 2.5 cents to 44.5 cents per hundred under HIS leadership, if his precious stadium referenum passes.
That is a staggering 33% increase in the tax rate during HIS tenure.
He's also collecting other taxes as well to include $2 to $3M in room occupancy taxes which the city was not collecting prior to his term.

ANY newspaper publisher or civic leader will see this for what it is- a tax and spend politician.
and what do we have to show for this?
On the plus side 3 new fire stations and a new police station, and a new city operations center (on River Road).
A city that divested itself of water and sewer departments that STILL has an operating budget bigger now than when he took over!!!
We also have convention center that is operating so poorly it's draining its "savings account" and will begin costing the city's operating budget very soon. Overall cost of this behemoth will probably exceed $100M when all is said and done (when the bonds are paid off)
It is currently incapable of operating on its own revenue.

Our streets are still in disrepair, and parks are unfinished.

What is disturbing to me is the city's rapacious appetite for revenues through annexation, stealing of room tax revenues and the desire to garner a bigger share of sales tax revenues.
This is ON TOP of a 33% property tax hike during Saffo's term(s).

He is incapable of holding the line on spending, and therefore incapable of running a city.

But they have to run someone decent against him.


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