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But how can this be?

Dukie & T both posted, early on, that downtown business owners were euphoric over the ballpark and the positive impact it would have on their businesses.

I get it now. They likely did not include the business owners who actually own the buildings in which they operate their buisinesses.

That would distort the results. Surprise there.

Mr. Peterson not only operates a business downtown, he owns the building. So he gets it.

Now I wonder if all of those downtown business operators, who do not own the buildings they operate within, have caught on to the liklihood that their landlord will ultimately pass on the cost for the property tax increase to the tenants, who happen to be the business operators?

The light of day, and the reality of what the true costs will be, may open a few eyes.

I wonder if all of the dues paying members of the Chamber of Commerce and Wilmington Downtown are happy knowing their dues may be funding a couple of Directors' time on this project. Do these business operators really think this downtown ballpark is really in the best interests of their businesses? Or was that just another distortion of fact by the proponents?

What a tangled web they weave when they seek to decieve.


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